StellaMeet Stella -- a very special dog that still brings tears and a smile whenever her name is mentioned. Stella lived with us -- and Stella died with us. This is her story...

Stella had lived a rough life until we found her and placed her with one of our foster families. There she was given plenty of attention while we searched for more than a year to find a way to help her on a more permanent basis.

Finally, the day came when a wonderful rescue that had helped us find homes for thousands of animals said that they would like to see what they could do to help Stella. Finally, despite her advanced years, Stella's wait for a loving home was nearly over. And, it turned out, not a moment too soon.

StellaAs part of its standard procedure, the rescue that took Stella had its veterinarian give her a thorough checkup. In doing so, it was discovered that Stella had heartworms and, while treating her for the parasite, the cancer was found.

Rather than give up, everyone rallied around Stella and all-out-efforts were made to find her an adoptive family. Neither we or Stella had long to wait. One family, knowing full well the heartache that was soon to follow, agreed to take Stella and to care for her until the end. Not long after, we saw some photos of Stella in her new home. She looked so happy.

Stella passed away not much later. She died happy -- and we know that it was our efforts, as well as the efforts of others -- who helped her when she needed it most. It's animals like Stella that keep us focused on our mission. Please consider making a donation (of any size) to help us, and to help all the Stellas that are sure to come.