Otto on BedOtto lived the first several months of his life tied to a six foot chain with nothing more than a beat up dog house for shelter, dirt and mud and filth as his playground, and a food dish as his only toy. Fortunately PHAR was able to rescue him before his fate could get any worse and brought him to a shelter in Northern Virginia.  We had just very unexpected lost our nine year old rescue dog to cancer but already knew we wanted to give another rescue the chance at a new
life.  At the shelter Otto seemed to pick us out just like our previous dog Oakley had – greeting us from his run with a “Pick Me! Pick Meeeeeeeeee” enthusiasm.

With his “mixed german shephard” looks, we picked the name Otto to replace his shelter name of Stu “Shot”sky (which evidently was based on his original owner’s intent for him.) But we soon found out that he had plenty of “hound dog” in him too - he just loved to sniff along on his walks and hoooooooowwwwwwwl at passing sirens.

He’s generally a very laid back boy, who can often be found just lounging on the couch or on a bed, and who, while a bit big, is a pretty good snuggler when he “collapses” next to your side.  He does have his rowdy side though such as when it’s “playtime” at night, when he and his little brother Digby chase each other back and forth across rooms, or when he finds the “best stick ever” (which is any and every stick) to pick up and just throw into the air for fun.  Because of PHAR, we were fortunate to have had Otto “pick us”…and we have received far more from him, than we could ever hope to give back to him.

Otto, Digby and Family