Digby BeforeFrom what little we know, a Good Samaritan picked Digby up someplace in Tennessee and brought him to a “county pound” about an hour away from PHAR. The picture of a scared, sweet little boy behind a chain link fence and badly in need of a bath is probably just a “snapshot” of what his first few months of life were like. Luckily with some calls and networking by PHAR, he soon made his way to a temporary foster home where he probably first learned what it’s like to be loved.

Digby on couchLater he made his way to the Northern Virginia shelter (and given the name Rylee) - where we were lucky enough to find him about a year after we had adopted Otto. While we hadn’t been specifically looking for another “PHAR” dog, when one of the volunteers mentioned that’s where Digby had come from we KNEW we had made the perfect pick!

Digby is a soft, sensitive, little guy who loves affection - no matter where you are, he’ll happily snuggle right next to you. He’s just the happiest of boys! Happy to wake up in the morning! Happy to eat! Happy to go for walks! Happy to play with his big brother Otto!

Thanks to PHAR we couldn’t be happier then to have found Digby – despite his rough beginning he has given us nothing but unconditional love since the day we brought him home.

Otto, Digby and Family