Unknown circumstances took Bonnie's leg. She lived with her owner, an elderly gentleman, and her three kittens when Potomac Highlands Animal Rescue learned of her plight. Her owner couldn't afford to have Bonnie spayed, so PHAR stepped in and paid for her spaying and vaccinations. Sadly, one week after Bonnie returned home, her owner died and Bonnie went missing.

BonnieOne week -- that's how long it took us to find Bonnie. Now that she was safe, we brought her to PHAR and spent time with her, letting her get used to the idea of being inside and handled by people who care for her.

Bonnie is amazing because even with three legs she was soon jumping on shelves and dressers. They say the Lord takes care of all creatures that can't take care of themselves. Well, Bonnie was no exception. She certainly had someone looking over her shoulder because she exhibited boundless energy and responded well to our affections.

BonnieBonnie's next stop in life was at King Street Cats in Alexandria, VA. With their help, it was just a couple of weeks before Bonnie had a new home and new owners to care for her and to love her. You only have to look at her photos to see that life is now treating Miss Bonnie well. Bonnie's new life was made possible by the generosity of our donors and the many people who took time out of their lives to make her life just a little bit better than it had been.

All of us here at Potomac Highlands Animal Rescue wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to Bonnie's new adopted family for their selfless act of welcoming a new pet into their family.